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Agency Philosophy

The Agency and our staff shall operate and furnish services in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and disclosure and ownership information. To the best of our knowledge, based on our Quality Improvement Program and professional personnel practices, the services we provide comply with acceptable professional standards and principles.

The agency's philosophy is guided by the following principles:

  • Home Health is designed to meet the unique needs of patients and families.
  • Services are tailored to assist individual and family to achieve optimal level of function.
  • Care is based on respect for the dignity and worth of each individual.
  • Services will be provided in the least restrictive setting.
  • Patient/family are active participants in the care planning process.

Agency Goals

  • To provide all levels of home care service in collaboration with physicians, thus allowing patients to remain in their own homes.
  • To provide a broad base of services with patient demand governing the scope, allowing patients to be involved in establishing, implementing, and evaluating services.
  • To maintain patients in their homes as long as possible and provide services in the least restrictive setting.
  • To assist patients in using all restorative methods, tools, and procedures to return patients to their optimal level of function.
  • To provide cost-competitive, quality services.
  • To develop a relationship with referral sources to effectively meet our patients' home care needs.
  • To function as a liaison between our patients and available community resources and assist our patients in coping with their needs and problems.

Why us?

We believe that healthcare is a basic human right. It must be available, coordinated and provided in a comprehensive way, combined with other human services when appropriate. Home healthcare is an important part of the continuous healthcare system and it will be provided in the most cost-effective way possible.

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